Glenn Folwarski
Singer/Songwriter, Vocals, Guitars, Harmonica

Ted Putbress
Songwriter, Guitars, Producer, Engineer


Chuck Nilson


Jeff Schullo
Bass, Harmony Vocals

Having grown up in the same working-class neighborhood in Chicago's Western Suburbs, they have known each other, and played together, since meeting in school in the sixties. After high school they went their separate ways; Ted and Glenn to seek rock stardom; Chuck and Jeff by a more conventional route. By 1980 all were living "conventional" lives with music taking a role as an avocation.

Fast forward to 2000: It was a turning point of sorts for Ted. While on vacation in Mexico, he picked up a guitar on a whim and started strumming. It all came rushing back to him. When he came home he dove head first into making music. 

Ted and Glenn kept in touch over the years but didn't discuss music much. Once Ted shared his re-discovered passion and what he had been up to, Glenn was also reinvigorated. Song ideas and arrangements started flowing. The "project" was on.

Over the years the band took on several forms with Ted and Glenn being the core and creative force. Members, sidemen, and guest artists came and went. Numerous songs were written, recorded and released. Things progressed this way for quite a while.

A chance encounter brought them together with Chuck Nilson in 2012. His talent is over the top. The chemistry between the three made for great creative sessions. It was a natural fit for all. A few rehearsals later and Chuck was along for the ride. 

Late in 2014 Ted and Jeff were re-acquainted on Facebook. Ted heard Jeff as an accompanist with a concert choir. Ted only knew him as a guitar player back in their high school days. An invitation was offered and a few weeks later Jeff was on board. That's where things stand today.

Today, Thadeus Project thrives, recording and performing in the Chicago area. They continue to move forward and "push the envelope." They are a creative powerhouse with an eclectic sound fresh to the music scene. 

Thanks to the web and social media they are blessed with an international fan base. Four songs from their current CD project have been released as singles and each held the number one position on the Independent Music Network Mainstream Chart at different times.