Thadeus Project

Artist - Thomas P. Dieschbourg
Cover Design - Lisa Vento

ASCAP 2024

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In January of 2001, while doing guitar work for church services, Ted met Music Director, Martin Funderburk. As their musical relationship developed, Ted and Martin decided to collaborate on some original music.

The result was an album named “Y?” Gratitude is a cut from this first project. It was written by Martin and recorded in the historic month of September 2001. 

As recording progressed Glenn Folwarski joined the effort by singing on a few tracks along with Megan McDonough. This experience inspired Glenn and Ted to get busy writing songs for what turned out to be the next album, “Danger & Bliss.” 

This proved to be the inspiration for the formation of Thadeus Project. 

We all need a little Gratitude.