A silence has descended. A great voice has been stilled. The movement of gifted hands has ceased. It is with a great sense of loss that we inform our friends that the world lost a great talent and friend; the voice, face, and soul of Thadeus Project.

Glenn Folwarski passed away on December 4.

A connection exists between musicians as they share a common language. For artists that create something together, there is a special bond. One born of the love and toil required to bring something brand new to the world. We had that bond with Glenn. Ted and Glenn had an exceptional connection as songwriters and collaborators over many years.

Glenn had that special gift for lyrics and melodies. He also produced original guitar phrasing that fits perfectly with whatever mood he wanted to convey. While we miss the ready smile and extended hand we can rejoice that he left a powerful legacy with the music he created, performed, and recorded that touched so many lives.

There are eight studio collections showcasing his special talent. The good news, if there can be any in this situation, is that there is more that hasn’t been released yet. Even with his departure, he leaves us gifts to remember him by.

Prayers are requested for his family and everyone he touched.